About Foreign Investment Commission

The Foreign Investment Commission is the regulator for all cross border currency mergers and acquisitions within Japan, thus contributing to economic wellbeing and growth by ensuring impartial and transparent market activities, supported by confident and informed investors and consumers.

Created through the convergence of various regulatory compliance initiatives, enforcement and adjudication programs, the Foreign Investment Commission are committed to investor protection, market fairness and financial transparency achieved by strategic regulation within the borders of Japan, and direct access to all other government regulatory agencies within their country of origin.

The Foreign Investment Commission monitors every aspect of the investment business operations, as it is mandated to establish and implement consistently significant regulatory standards for industry and market participants.

In today's ever changing and multifaceted economic landscape, the Foreign Investment Commission helps industry and market participants enhance operations as well as support advocacies for investment astuteness, committed to keeping the markets consistently impartial and transparent, promoting better investor options and strategically addressing regulatory challenges and protect investors and the markets.

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