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With its aim of protecting the investing public, the Foreign Investment Commission provides alerts and updates every investor will need to prevent having to face difficulties in today's challenging business situation.

Effectively managing account statements in tough times

Notably typical when the market is down, the investing public may be enticed to attempt and get around the strain of spotting the decrease in value of their investments by not opening their statements accounts. It has even been recommended that keep away from looking at investor statements may be a practical way to react to this global economic downturn, because it stops you from offering for sale at the market bottom and preceding the expected but varying exchanges in the markets.


Maintaining secured funds for a price

The recent global economic crisis has pushed many investors to be concerned more about safeguarding the earnings of their investment money than about the outcome on their investments. Investment advisory service providers have countered by selling enhanced types of mutual funds that guarantees, for a specific time, that the funding invested in the mutual fund will be maintained secured, for a price though. It is important that these investment opportunities better known as capital preservation or guaranteed funds, is well understood by the investor, including the process and the underlying cost.


Don’t take out mortgages to invest in securities

With a recovering financial market, significantly reduced interest rates, and enhanced earnings in home value, a number of investors are taking out new mortgages, refinanced, or procured credit lines secured by their homes to specifically engage actively securities investments. This with the intention of the investment not only paying the mortgage, but also producing augmented income. Regrettably, that is not always the case.


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