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Extracting up and down stock ratings

Investors usually reason out that as soon as they got beaten in the stock market, that's the end of it. Investors see their net worth lowered, they fuss and they are anxious, they pull out all their investment, which may already be exhausted or lower than what it once was, and they avoid the markets and commit never to look at the trading update on the news networks ever again. What seasoned investors are concerned and new investors should understand is that stocks are on an up and down scale.


Foreign Investment Commission commences strategic investor awareness regulations

In addressing the challenges brought about by the global economic downturn, the Foreign Investment Commission commences a variety of awareness programs to prevent investor fraud and maintain transparency in the industry and provide for better transparency. The first line of defense is a regulatory policy to improve disclosure to investors about offshoot and unregistered prearranged financial products. Such regulatory enhancement endeavor authorized the formulation of a better investor education initiative and a control center for dispute resolution, including rulings to govern such authorization of financial instruments accessible by the investing public.


Corporate governance enhanced to concentrate on effective compensation

The Foreign Investment Commission recently made revisions and enhancements on policies pertaining to corporate governance, placing more concentration on lasting compensation strategies and improve the authority of the administrative board over the structure of compensation programs. Under such revision, the administrative board must define the full compensation of the individual management board members and consistently evaluate their compensation system. Enterprise compensation must be a suitable figure referenced on a productivity appraisal, taking into significance any expenditure by group companies.


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