Policies and Statements

Foreign Investment Commission presents regulatory policy on derivatives markets

The Foreign Investment Commission presented the detailed legislation for regulating the derivatives sector. Comprising its regulatory compliance reforms, derivative markets would be subject to comprehensive regulation in order to protect against processes in such markets exposing excessive risk to the industry and maintain the transparency and efficiency of those markets. The regulatory policy would also empower the Foreign Investment Commission to thwart market manipulation, fraud, insider trading, and other market exploitation. Additionally, it would block derivatives from being accessible easily and unsuitably to inexperienced investors.


The Foreign Investment Commission formulates endeavors to promote sensible corporate governance

Noting that inferior corporate governance attributed to the current global economic downturn, the Foreign Investment Commission presented the strategies it is taking to improve transparency and social responsibility in the governance of publicly listed businesses. The Foreign Investment Commission is working to enhance the accountability of executive officers to the owners of the business enterprise, pointing out that the Foreign Investment Commission is currently treating such efforts with utmost urgency.


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