Proposals and Rules

Foreign Investment Commission supports the development of benchmarks for investment advisory providers

The financial services industry is apprehensive about that planned legislation formulating a body with extensive and extra authority that might inadvertently impinge on the regulatory enforcement of the Foreign Investment Commission. However, the Foreign Investment Commission prefers the planned legislation developing a better benchmark for investment advisory providers, though there is opposition on the component that there is authorization to exclude pre-dispute adjudication terms in broker-dealer and investment advisory engagements with investing clients.


Foreign Investment Commission particularize important factors leading to effective regulation of systemic risk

The Foreign Investment Commission laid out the important factors to help effectively regulate systemic risk. The factors that lead to effective systemic risk regulation include the creation of a comprehensible legislative workflow to strengthen regulatory enforcement activities; preparation of risk evaluation and probable risk cautionary measures built on all-encompassing assessment; supporting risk cautionary measures with straightforward information about financial instruments and entities; and the translation of risk cautionary measures and relevant policy sanctions made by the systemic risk regulation into tangible cases by the Foreign Investment Commission.


Shifting paradigms for risk liquidity and due diligence

While preparing needed legislation for monitoring funds, the Foreign Investment Commission has established and shifted paradigms for a variety of funds, targeting primarily on liquidity risk and due diligence. Commonly, the models replicate a typical strategy and a realistic conduct presently confirmed by lawmakers. Execution and completion of the shifting models differs from location to location, and entirely relies on circumstantial factors.


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